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The memory of all the faithful of the dead induces us to reflect on the mystery of life and death. It is a special occasion to pray for those who have gone to eternity. On this day we surround ourselves with the prayers of our loved ones, asking them for eternal joy. In a special way we recommend to the Divine Mercy of the deceased confreres of the Polish Province of Salvatorians, the deceased lecturers of our Higher Seminary, as well as the deceased of our families and the benefactors and friends of our seminary.

From the afternoon of the All Saints' Day, and throughout the All Soulful Day, we can obtain a complete indulgence for the deceased under the usual conditions: the state of sanctifying grace, the Holy Communion, the visitation of the church and the recitation of the Lord's Prayer, Confession of Faith and any prayer in the intentions of the Holy Father.
In addition, the complete indulgence for the deceased can be obtained from 1 to 8 November. The condition of obtaining it is to visit the cemetery and pray for the dead.

Ks. Franciszek Jordan SDS

Francis Jordan

Let no betrayal, no infidelity,
no coldness, no abuse
lessen your zeal!

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