Mission Statement

to follow Jesus Christ as an apostolic community.

through our life and service that Jesus is the Saviour of the World.

everywhere to all people as the love of Christ inspires.

in God's loving providence.

the values of the Gospel in a contemporary way to people in our times.

the mission by being one with those we serve so that all may know the goodness and kindness of God our Saviour.

Members of the seminary of the Religious Brothers are:

  • Br. Hieronim Drobik SDS
  • Br. Mirosław Jaroszek SDS
  • Br. Ryszard Kasprzak SDS
  • Br. Bogusław Koza SDS

Brat Hieronim Drobik SDS – ogrodnik i pszczelarz


Why do I feel Salvatorian? Why am I a Christian? What gives me faith? Faith is a great and undeserved gift given by God, but it is also a great task. The same is true for life, it can be used and it can be "slept in." Faith and life are a gift and a task. To each other, if one learns and accepts the heart, he wants to share it with others, so that they too may experience the good. I work physically.
The laymen work for the family, and I do my work for the Good that I have loved and whom I desire to share so that others may experience it. It does not matter what you do in life. It is important to use it. Through my work I can share my experience with others. The man in his life is always in good and evil. Both are from God's consent. By experiencing something bad, I can approach it from different sides. I try to treat them as a chance to do something good (forgive, help) - it depends only on myself. Such a humble posture is an opportunity for me to perfect my love.
It does not matter what life is doing ... It is important to be aware of the fact that Good is found (the true treasure), love Him and share Him with others. I have known the true Goodness - Christ, and I want to devote my life to infect Him so that others may delight Him, love Him and be happy. You can be a priest, you can be a driver or perform other functions, but it is important to believe that by your work you can help others to participate in the happiness in which we participate.
In my life I have met various apostles. Today I am a gardener and a beekeeper in a community in the Swamp. I am aware that age and health can change my present apostolate in the apostolate of suffering. We are to proclaim Christ in all means and ways. These words are interpreted by us, but when I look at the poor and profound life of our Founder, I come to the conclusion that he meant not those elaborate, often very expensive means, but those invisible, which are often despised by us. My reflections on the value of life began quite late, because almost 40 years of religious life. Previously, I was not interested in it. Ever since I started asking questions: what is reason, freedom, happiness, my life has acquired some other sense, value and respect for myself, to the environment and to the events I encounter, which affect me. That's why I want to share this.

(Text based on the Salvatorian journal
Apostle of the Savior 1/2002)


Brother Mirosław Jaroszek SDS - farmer

br. Mirosław

By working as a farmer and doing simple farm activities you can also be a religious. I'm a farmer because this job has always given me a lot of satisfaction. Working on our farm I feel fulfilled, I am pleased that my other benefactors are using my crops, that I do not work fruitlessly that there is someone who my work is needed. I feel Salvatorian, although I do not preach sermons, and by my work I also apostolate, when I go to the tractor or when I harvest the field.

(Text based on the Salvatorian journal
Apostle of the Savior 1/2002)

Brother Ryszard Kasprzak SDS


He was born in 1963 in Milicz. He joined the Congregation of the Salvatorians in 1984. He made his first religious profession in Bagno in 1985 and perpetual in Cracow in 1990. In our community he has been living since 2014.





Brother Bogusław Koza SDS

He was born in 1958 in Limanowa. He joined the Congregation of the Salvatorians in 1986. He made his first religious profession in Bagno in 1987, and perpetual life in Namiungo, Tanzania in 1992. In our community he has been living since 2014.


Ks. Franciszek Jordan SDS

Francis Jordan

Pray at all times in the deepest humility
and with the greatest confidence.
Let nothing keep you from it.

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