Mission Statement

to follow Jesus Christ as an apostolic community.

through our life and service that Jesus is the Saviour of the World.

everywhere to all people as the love of Christ inspires.

in God's loving providence.

the values of the Gospel in a contemporary way to people in our times.

the mission by being one with those we serve so that all may know the goodness and kindness of God our Saviour.

During the junior formation, the religious brother prepares himself for a full devotion to God. His formation includes the human, spiritual, intellectual, community and apostolic-occupational dimension. The formation is carried out in the spirit of the charism and mission of our Congregation.

The duration of the junior formation is six years and covers two three-year periods:

1. his brother lives in a junior community in Bagno, where he develops the holiness of his life, acquires selected issues of philosophy, theology, and realizes the value of the community and discerns the apostolic and vocational vocation;
2. The brother is staying at one of the Salvatorian institutions, where he prepares himself for the ministry and learns his independence, availability and responsibility.
3. In the last year of this period, the brother returned to the community in Bagno, to prepare himself for the eternal profession of the Order.

The Junior prepares the Friars for the tasks of the apostolate of the Word, the Church-Liturgical Service, the administrative ministry and the missions abroad.

After perpetual vows, the religious brother has the opportunity to work as:

- The sacristan - he prepares and serves during the Eucharist, takes care of the order in the church
- furtianin pick up the phone, accept those who come to the monastery and have the first of all the monks contact with them, it is the "showcase" of the monastery
- gardener - cultivates and manages vegetables, fruits and flowers, and takes care of the order in the whole garden
- chancellor - works in the office of intentions, accepts the intentions of the Mass, takes care of the Salvatorian benefactors
he deals with the financial side of the religious house, pays bills, employees, purchases, repairs and preserves buildings and monastic premises
- econome helper - has the task of performing work commissioned by the contractor
- catechist - teaches religion in elementary school, junior high school, vocational school, high school.
- guide - guides the pilgrimage groups

or work in the apostolates led by the Salvatorians:

Internet: - www.katolik.pl, radio: www.radiokatolik.pl, multimedia recordings of CDs during the session at the Center for Spiritual Formation in Cracow and Trzebinia
Salwator - distributing and selling books, preparing, packaging and shipping ordered books, as well as taking care of the magazine.

Currently the junior formation is held:

Br. Sokol Gilaj SDS


  • kancelarzysta - pracuje w biurze intencyjnym, przyjmuje intencje mszalne, dba o dobrodziejów salwatoriańskich
  • ekonom - zajmuje się finansową  stroną domu zakonnego, opłaca rachunki, pracowników, robi zakupy, zajmuje się remontami i konserwacją budynków i pomieszczeń klasztornych
  • pomocnik ekonoma - ma za zadanie wykonywać prace zlecone przez ekonoma
  • katecheta - uczy religii w szkole podstawowej, gimnazjum, zawodowej, liceum.
  • przewodnik - oprowadza grupy pielgrzymkowe

lub pracy w apostolatach prowadzonych przez salwatorianów:

  • internetowym  - polegającym na  prowadzeniu strony: www.katolik.pl, radia: www.radiokatolik.pl, multimedialnych nagrań  płyt w czasie sesji w Centrum Formacji Duchowej w Krakowie i Trzebini
  • wydawnictwie Salwator - polegającej na dystrybucji i sprzedaży książek, przygotowaniu, pakowaniu i wysyłce zamówionych książek, a także dbaniu o magazyn.

Obecnie formację junioracką odbywa:

Br. Sokol Gilaj SDS

Ks. Franciszek Jordan SDS

Francis Jordan

Woe to me, O Lord,
if I do not make you
known to men [and women]!

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