The following charities operate in our Seminary:

  • Circle Oborniki Śląskie

  • Circle Święta Katarzyna

  • Circle Wierzbice

Informacje o kołach charytatywnych:

Circle Oborniki Śląskie


The Oborniki Slaskie Circle engages the seminarians in a visit to the Children's Home, where they spend time together with their students, help with their studies, and participate in the Eucharist in the parish church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Oborniki Śląskie. Members of the Circle also participate in andrzejki organized by the students, in the spring holidays, potato feast and other events in the life of "House on the pond" (this is called the Children's Home).

Three days of retreat are organized by the seminarians during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Their subject matter is changed according to the needs of the students. As part of the Advent and Lenten retreats, the confession is celebrated, followed by the Eucharist celebrated in the Children's Home.

Clerics are also invited to the Children's Home for various ceremonies, such as First Communion or Confirmation of Fellows. Also, the inhabitants of "Dom na Stawem" come to the Seminary to spend time with the seminarians in joy, to pray, to take advantage of the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist.

These interactions between young people and clerics allow for the exchange of life experiences, interesting and not serious talks, the search for the purpose and meaning of life, and above all the common way of walking the divine paths.


  • Kl. Marek Sawicki SDS


  • Fr. Krystian Kolba SDS


  • Kl.  SDS
  • Kl.  SDS
  • Kl.

Circle Święta Katarzyna

The seminarians of the Higher Seminary of the Salvatorians began charity work at the Nursing and Cure Center in Saint Catherine several decades ago, and cooperation with the Pasterk Sisters of the Institute has continued today.

The purpose of the charitable donors' activities was to first and foremost relate to the individual's needs, to at the same time to familiarize themselves with their mental needs, and to meet them as much as possible through conversations, joint walks, games and fun. Wheel members also pay attention to the spiritual needs of the boarders. For this purpose, various services are organized with the participation of the Sisters of the Prayer, also the Holy Mass, retreats, and from time to time the confreres come to the ministry and give the sacrament to the sick. During each trip, the members of the Circle also gave the residents two months for sick people to "get up", conduct various conversations and help with meals for people with disabilities. The members of the Circle surround the charges of the Sisters of Pastry and all the staff of the Center with frequent prayers, correspondence with the patients and pray for the intentions of the sick. In addition to the monthly visits of the seminarians in St. Catherine, the Sisters of the Pasterka organize the arrival of their children every year to the monastery of Baghdad. On such occasions the meeting is accompanied by a large number of clerics and priests outside the charity circle, who work with the Sisters of Parsons to mutual benefit.

Several times a year, in collaboration with the Sisters, we organize meetings for the joys and joys of the local people, such as: the fun of St. Andrews, the casket meetings, the carnival balls on which we actively participate with the Sisters in dances and various competitions or fun integrating.


  • Kl. Stanislaw Biegun SDS


  • Fr. Aleksander Jasiński SDS


  • Dk. Mateusz Tomasiak SDS
  • Dk. Yaueni Zhukouski SDS
  • Kl. Krzysztof Biegun SDS
  • Kl. Piotr Dymon SDS
  • Kl. Dominik Truchan SDS
  • Kl. Marek Sumara SDS


  • Dk. Mario Lainez SDS
  • Kl. Adrian Novelo SDS
  • Kl. Manuel Marku SDS
  • Br. Sokol Gilaj SDS

Circle Wierzbice


One of the circles in the Higher Seminary of the Salvatorians in the Swamp is Koło Wierzbice. For more than 40 years, clerics have been visiting children in the Wierzbicach Department of Welfare Services, run by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Joseph founded by St. Fr. Zygmunt Gorazdowski.
Trips to "Wierzbic" take place on a Sunday once a month during which the confreres join with the sisters and children in the Mass. After the Eucharist there is dinner, during which clerics participate in the simplest ministry to children, such as, In the afternoon, the confreres fill their time with their children by sharing walks, fun, conversations, help in learning and communion, and then dinner and return to the Swamp where we pray for the children's intentions. our sisters and our circle.
In addition to Sunday's trips, parishioners are invited to various kinds of additional events such as Holy Communion, Confirmation, retreats, etc. Moreover, there are disco, fun at the end of the school year, Andrzejkowa fun, Santa Claus meeting, where clerics take part in the role of dancers.

Each year when the confreres who receive the ordained priests celebrate the Primitive Eucharist, it is a good time to give thanks for the prayerful support of clerics and priests who visit the children for years. Over the past 40 years, many great confreres have gone through the circle, which was hard to replace.


  • Kl. Karol Koszyl SDS


  • Fr. Grzegorz Jabłonka SDS


  • Dk. Paweł Barbozak SDS
  • Dk. Mario Lainez SDS
  • Kl. Manuel Marku SDS
  • Kl. Karol Matecki SDS
  • Kl. Adrian Novelo SDS
  • Kl. Konrad Nowak SDS
  • Kl. Kamil Stępień SDS
  • Kl. Marek Sumara SDS
  • Kl. Dominik Truchan SDS

Ks. Franciszek Jordan SDS

Francis Jordan

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