In our Seminar, the following circles of interest are active:

  • Circle of Custos

  • Missionary Circle

  • Science Club

About the circles of interest:

Circle of Custos

The Circle "KUSTOSZ" is a clerical circle of interests, which is primarily concerned with guiding our monastery visitors and all those who would like to visit our religious house.

In order to do this in an accessible and understandable way for our guests, each of us must know the history of our congregation, the history of the buildings we are living in, and the history of the last laymen who lived there. That's why our wheel was created, which brings together all the passionate people of Salvatorian history and home in Bagno.
If you are interested in the life of the Salvatorians, their charism and their history of living in the Swamp and on Polish lands, please visit us and join the group of people guided by a member of the circle "KUSTOSZ" will be guided at our religious house.


  • Kl. Karol Matecki SDS

    Wheel Supervisor:

  • Fr. Aleksander Jasiński SDS


    • Dk. Mateusz Tomasiak SDS
    • Dk. Paweł Barborak SDS
    • Kl. Karol Koszyl SDS
    • Kl. Piotr Dymon SDS
    • Kl. Dominik Truchan SDS

    Missionary Circle

    The main purpose of the Missionary Circle, which operates in our seminar, is to promote and bring to light the subject matter of mission and missionary activity of the Church. In particular, he deals with the missionary activity of the Salvatorian Congregation.

    This animation and talking about missions take place in different ways: Through the missionary services, the prayers of the members of the Church, including the papal missionary intentions and the individual needs of the missionaries, the preparation of the confreres for the Mission Week, the making of the missionary journals and exhibitions.

    The missionary circle is also concerned about the correspondence with the Salvatorian missionaries, sending them wishes for Christmas and Easter. On the occasion of their rest in Poland, they take care of organizing individual meetings with missionaries. One of the most important activities is the organization of the Salvatorian Missionary Symposium, which has been held for several years at the WSD of the Salvatorians in Bagno.


    • Fr. Łukasz Darowski SDS


    • Kl. Kamil Stępień SDS


    • Br. Stanisław Biegun SDS
    • Kl. Krzysztof Biegun SDS
    • Kl. Dominik Truchan SDS
    • Kl. Paweł Janowski SDS
    • Kl. Marek Sumara SDS
    • Kl. Krzysztof Dębowski SDS
    • Kl. Konrad Nowak SDS
    • Kl. Mateusz Ogrodniczuk SDS
    • Kl. Stanisław Franczak SDS

    Koło Naukowe

    The Alumnus Scientific Circle was founded on December 20, 1957, at the initiative of Fr. The director of the studies, lecturer of the Holy Scriptures, author of ascetic books and a member of the team translates from original languages ​​into Polish to the Bible of the Millennium.

    The main objective of the Circle was and is to: broaden the knowledge of the alumni, support the initiatives undertaken by the alumni and cooperate with other circles of interests.
    The realization of the above aims is accomplished through the organization of symposia, sessions and scientific conferences as well as guest lectures, as well as by the participation of students in symposia and scientific sessions held outside our university, in various scientific centers and seminars in Poland. at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw and the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Wrocław.
    The Scientific Circle also co-operates with the Oborniki Culture Center and the "Four Musicians' Chamber" in Oborniki Śląskie, where the members of the Circle participate in the "Common Lectures" and concerts of the classical music organized by the Liszt Company.

    A member of the Circle - according to the Statutes - is every WSD Salvatorian alumnus. The Board of the Wheel and Fr. Study Director - Wheels keeper.

    • Kl. Karol Matecki  SDS

    V-ce prezes:

    • Kl. Karol Koszyl SDS


      Kl. Krzysztof Dębowski SDS


    • Kl. Konrad Nowak SDS


    • Fr. Tomasz Raćkos SDS

Ks. Franciszek Jordan SDS

Francis Jordan

No sacrifice, no cross, no desolation,
no trial, no temptation, oh!
absolutely nothing should be too difficult
for you with the help of God’s grace.
I can do all things in God
who strengthens me.

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