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Intercession of Fr Jordan

Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world, you called Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan to be your apostle, to make God known and loved by all people everywhere, using all the means your love inspires.

You filled him with universal apostolic zeal, with the goodness and the kindness of God in ministering, with a deep trust in God's loving providence, with a profound spirit of prayer, with a sincere devotion to Mary, Mother of the Saviour, and with the courage to follow you, even into the mystery of the Cross.

Grant also to us, his followers, the grace to proclaim the gospel in this spirit and make us effective apostles in today's world. Through the intercession of your servant Fr Francis Jordan, we ask you for our special needs ....

We present this prayer through Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour, who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit now and always.

Prayer is a gift. It is a completely undeserved, selfless gift that God writes into the reality of man in order to bring Himself closer. Prayer is a derivation of the salvages of salvation - it is not the result of our efforts, but the fruit of love, the source of which is God himself. So she is in a loving embrace, looking at the Creator, updating her faith. In the seminary, prayer is meaningful and fundamental. It is based on the whole formation (also intellectual and human) and at the same time it is the jumper and justification of this formation. Only in the perspective of prayer can a man realize the meaning of the path of his calling, and more - perhaps this way to go at all. Many callers discover their vocation in prayer, following the path of vocation is to follow the path of an extremely deep life of prayer, is a continuous learning how to receive this gift.
The seminar gives a chance to deepen the life of prayer - not on the principle that "I must" - but that "I want and desire". Here are some elements of our seminary prayer:

- Holy Mass - Let us add the daily Mass, called here the summit of the day, is the prayer of prayer, to which everything goes and from which everything flows, in which the vocation by total union with Christ strengthens and becomes a participant of the feast of love, the last supper to which the celebration is preparing,
- The Liturgy of the Hours - the prayer of the Church, the order of the psalms, the regular recitation of each verse, allows them to hide their anxiety and sorrow in them, allowing them to delve into the mystery of salvation and power that God revealed to the chosen people. This prayer unites me with the whole Church, who "continues unanimously in prayer,"
- Meditation is the ability to listen to God's Word, to what God wants to say right now. This is a meeting with the Living Word, which transforms life into an effective one that makes me hear and at the same time is able to put into action the Word I am to proclaim. Meditation is the ability to listen to God's Word, to what God wants to say right now. This encounter with the Living Word that transforms life into an effective one that makes me hear and at the same time makes it possible to put into action the Word I am to proclaim,
- Spiritual Reading - This is a meeting with the God who comes in the word of God, filled with His power. This is a meeting with the Creator present in the Life of the Saints, who in their lives show "how great things the Almighty has done to them" and "how wonderful his works are".
- Visiting the Blessed Sacrament - God meets me in the middle of the day, amidst solicitude and daily worries - He offers me a moment of my life. Therefore, while I was standing before Him, I stood over myself, my life and my faith, opening to the Eternal Truth, I know the truth about myself, in my prayer I stand with all my gratitude,
- Rosary - in the vocation is the prayer of Mary. Our Lady is the Teacher of the Priestly Vocations. She is the model of faith and trust, she is "who believed that the words" said to her from the Lord,
- Biblical Circles - meeting with the Word of God and with the other man, with my brother, with whom I share the experience of the Presence, I find together the true efficacy of the Word in life,
- Private Adoration - God waits for His question: "Do you love me more?" He replied, "Yes, Lord - You know I love you." Jesus and I - in adoration, the dialogue of man with God, the people who love each other want to be with and talk. Adoration enables inner silence, through which I can hear His voice and say, Blessed. Faustina: "Now I know I love and I'm loved ..."

"Teach us to pray" because who do we go to ...? Prayer is a gift you must learn. God as the initiator of the meeting is a teacher constantly watching and listening. Preparing us to participate in His Priesthood offers us a great gift of prayer in its various forms. "God is love" - ​​responding to love we believe that the good Father accepts our prayer - the common prayer we create and the personal prayer of each one of us. It helps us to say someday. Paul: "I live, I am not, but Christ lives in me."

Ks. Franciszek Jordan SDS

Francis Jordan

Pray at all times in the deepest humility
and with the greatest confidence.
Let nothing keep you from it.

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