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Mission Statement

to follow Jesus Christ as an apostolic community.

through our life and service that Jesus is the Saviour of the World.

everywhere to all people as the love of Christ inspires.

in God's loving providence.

the values of the Gospel in a contemporary way to people in our times.

the mission by being one with those we serve so that all may know the goodness and kindness of God our Saviour.

In the seminar, in addition to spiritual development, various pastoral tasks, clerics deepen their knowledge through theological studies. Learning about God, getting to know Him is very necessary for future pastoral work.

The first two years of study are lectures on philosophy. Here the cleric seeks to deepen the knowledge of such subjects as: history of philosophy, anthropology, history of the Church, philosophy of God, religion, the theory of cognition, logic, and many others that explain us matters of understanding today's world.

The next four years of study are theology. Here we are more thoroughly exploring the Word of God through studying the Scriptures, learning how to pass this word to others - homiletics, catechetics, and we are already preparing ourselves for further pastoral work in the world.

You should also mention the possibility of learning foreign languages. We have a choice of either English or German, starting from the basic level to the advanced - the seminar. A detailed list of subjects taught in the seminar can be found here.

In addition to all these responsibilities, our professors also care about extending our knowledge not only through lectures but also through various kinds of symposia. This exploration of the mystery of God through science should lead us to continually seek Him in prayer, and should also teach us to respond to the deepest and most painful questions that human hearts and consciences have.

Ks. Franciszek Jordan SDS

Francis Jordan

As long as God is not everywhere glorified,
you dare not allow yourself
a moment’s rest.

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